There’s never been a better time to buy a Kubota RTV


Despite the onset of Covid-19, the Federal Government tax incentives has seen a rise in sales for farm equipment across the first six months of 2020, with the UTV (utility vehicle) sector growing more than 50% alone. For the Forbes region’s new Kubota distributor Roylances Tractor Replacements, they’ve seen evidence of that growth over the course of the last three months they have distributed the popular RTV range of Kubota side-by-sides, and they expect the trend to continue.

“Not only are they versatile, but they have incredible reliability and these days have both the speed and the flexibility on terrain to make all but a 4WD ute obsolete and at just a fraction of the price,” Tractor Replacements’ Justin Roylance explained.

The Kubota marque features an impressive range of RTVs in both petrol and diesel with safety a paramount consideration – something the NSW Government is supporting with their push to support farmers moving towards vehicles with rollover protection. From the RTV1100 range which features a three-cylinder 24.8-horsepower diesel engine with a variable hydraulic transmission (VHT-X), limited slip front differential and 263mm of ground clearance, to the 48-horsepower petrol-powered RTV-XG850 petrol ‘Sidekick’ which comes with a full range of options, alloy wheels and an optional hydraulic dumping box. The range is extensive.

You can view the full range of Kubota RTVs here;

“A big part of the recent success of the RTV market has been down to government incentives,” Roylance confirmed. “In a reaction to the Covid-19 situation the Federal Government provided an instant asset write-off of $150,000 for eligible small businesses including those in primary production (which has since been extended beyond June 30). That made the tax benefit more attractive, while the NSW State Government – in a reaction to mounting quad-bike accidents (nationally – more than 270 since 2001) – offered an additional incentive of $2000 towards the purchase of SSVs (side-by-side vehicle).”

You can read more about the Federal Government incentives here;

Details of the NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program and rebate details;

List of SSVs eligible for the NSW State Government rebate of up to $2000;

“On top of that support, Kubota themselves are providing a 0% finance offer on new RTV models, payable over 36-months with a minimum deposit of 20% with no lump sum final payment, so they’re also making the option to switch to an SSV/RTV a lot more attractive.”

Details of Kubota’s finance deal can be viewed here;

“In the relatively short time we’ve been a Kubota dealer we’ve seen strong interest from farmers and we’ve already delivered a number of petrol and diesel models, the feedback for which has been fantastic,” Roylance confirmed. “We now also have a full service and spares department to keep existing RTVs operational, whilst we can also assist with preparing the finance side of things to helping primary producers in meeting the requirements.

“Despite the challenging situation the world finds itself in, the State and Federal Governments – who have recognised the importance of farmers and industry and as a result are doing what they can – along with suppliers like Kubota, have made it easier than ever to invest in new equipment, and are supporting dealers like us to make that happen.

“For anyone interested in the extensive range of Kubota RTVs on offer, they can either check them online – – or drop into our showroom at Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Forbes, where we are Covid-19 responsible, and see some of petrol and diesel models first hand. They won’t be disappointed!”

Roylances Tractor Replacements, Forbes
Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Forbes, NSW
Phone: 02 6852 2020

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