Save time this Spring with a zero-turn Kubota mower!


The central-west will be transformed this Spring thanks to all the great recent rain, with lush green paddocks and dams nearing capacity, highlighting just what a strong period it has been over recent months, but with those perfect growing conditions comes more work to keep the yard under control, but worry not, Roylances in Forbes have you covered, with some of the best zero-turn and ride-on mowers on the market.

Having landed the Kubota dealership for the Forbes, Parkes, Condobolin, West Wyalong region at the end of last summer, Roylances Tractor Replacements have enjoyed access to a great range of products, not the least being their impressive range of mowers that runs all the way from the traditional 4-stroke push mower, up to commercial units that will keep the playing fields and golf courses in the region in pristine condition.

“Kubota are market leaders in a range of markets, and one of them is mowers,” Tractor Replacements’ Justin Roylance explained. “The range is impressive, and I’m proud to say our team already have a number of the bright orange units already at work in the region, whilst we’ve also been showcasing the ‘Baroness’ range which is designed specifically to keep playing fields and golf courses in top shape.

“The introduction of the zero-turn mower has also had a big impact on the way that farmers have tended to acreage over recent years, many choosing the versatility of a smaller unit over the traditional slasher behind a tractor. The speed and efficiency of them too is a plus, not to mention the significant cost savings which has also proven a big advantage.”

So what is zero turn? “Traditionally ride-on mowers are based on a standard four-wheel platform that drives much like a tractor or a car with a steering wheel, so it turns in an arc (radius). You can pick out a zero-turn mower when you look at them as they have levers to control the rear – drive – wheels. Push them forward at the same time and the mower moves forward, push the right one further than the left and it will turn left, and if you don’t push the left one forward, it will spin around the left rear wheel – hence, zero-turn (radius). It’s a great system and simple to use, my eight year old loves driving our zero-turn Kubota and she picked it up straight away!

“Like modern cars and 4WDs – and for that matter tractors – they’re all becoming much easier to use, and a lot more comfortable than units of even ten years ago, making it light work for just about any member of the family!”

Whilst the global pandemic has delivered a blow to much of the country, the State and Federal Governments have reacted to the situation, providing tax benefits on the purchase of new equipment, whilst finance deals from Kubota have also worked in the favour of those looking to upgrade.

“There’s no doubt we’ve all suffered as a result of the Covid-19 challenges, but these incentives alongside the drought-breaking rains have really paved the way for what promises to be a big season for farmers in the area. Through Kubota we have some great deals across the range, and can assist with some very attractive finance deals on offer – we’re also helping many people who are interested in the financing arrangements to apply to make the paperwork element a lot easier, so it really is a good time to make the move!

“For anyone interested in the extensive range of Kubota mowers on offer, they can either check them online – – or drop into our showroom at Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Forbes, where we are Covid-19 responsible, and see some of zero-turn and ride-on models first hand. They won’t be disappointed!”

Roylances Tractor Replacements, Forbes
Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Forbes, NSW
Phone: 02 6852 2020

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