Big plans for Roylances with Kubota in Central West


The Roylance name has been synonymous with the Forbes region for more than 65 years, associated first with the automotive industry, before moving into mining and quarrying, and ultimately agriculture and industry, the third-generation business selling out of their successful automotive operation on the Newell Highway earlier this year, followed soon after by the introduction of Roylances Tractor Replacements.

Now located at Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Roylances continue to offer the same personal service they have always been associated with, but with a big range of new products, a range which is expanding almost every week despite the current downturn, with the announcement this week that they have added the coveted Kubota name to their inventory.

“It has been both an exciting, and challenging time over the last couple of months,” Justin Roylance admitted. “We moved away from the automotive industry to focus on the other side of our business in mining and agriculture, which also crosses over to the construction industry, so in many cases we’re not learning new products so much as just letting everyone know that we’re much more focussed on this side of Roylances moving forward.

“We have some more big announcements coming soon about the new partnerships we have been working on, but we’re very excited to be adding Kubota to our range as of May 1.”

For more than 40 years Kubota has built a reputation in Australia as one of the leading compact and sub-compact tractor manufacturers in the world, with an extensive range of machines from 23-horsepower up to 100-horsepower and beyond, although it is the compact range that Roylances will be focussing on initially.

“Not only is the range extensive, but the available attachments Kubota offer is impressive, and one of the reasons we’re so pleased to be able to offer Kubota as a viable option across the Central West,” Roylance explained.

“From backhoe fittings to buckets and mowers, they’re amongst the most versatile tractors on the market, but we won’t be just offering tractors..!

“Kubota also have a great reputation for mowers, and although we probably won’t get much use out of them at the moment, we’ll also be carrying an extensive range of spare parts for all those operators that currently use Kubota mowers and are likely to be using the colder, wetter months for maintenance.

“We’re also very excited to be bringing Kubota’s extensive range of ‘side-by-side’ RTVs – like their range of tractors and mowers, the RTVs have a fantastic reputation, and with engines ranging from 16 to 24.8HP they are more than up to the task of work around an Australian farm.”

With plans to branch into the bigger, more powerful range of Kubota tractors and some of the associated equipment that is well suited to the local market, Roylance admitted that the team were committed to building a solid working base for the iconic ‘orange’ marque, ahead of an expansion into the full range of Kubota models.

“From May 1 we have access to the full range of Kubota spare parts,” Roylance confirmed. “From there a steady range of new products will arrive in Forbes to suit the local market – compact and sub-compact tractors, mowers and RTVs – and then we’ll be looking to expand our staff to include dedicated service and sales people that will allow us to ultimately move into the full extent of Kubota products.

“The new government regulations with respect to Covid-19 have had an obvious impact in the way we are currently operating.” Roylance added.

“We are open, but where possible we encourage customers to call in orders, and we either leave them at the front of the store for pickup, or load them straight into their vehicles. We have all the necessary precautions in place, so we’re happy for people to come in and see the new Kubota range, however we’d prefer that they called first to make sure we can spend some time with them to address any questions – at a safe social distance of course!

“We’re here to provide whatever assistance we can to anyone in the region, and for those on the farm and in industry that are doing such important work right now, please press on and let us find a way to help you with services and products you need to keep operating, give us a call and we’ll sort it for you.”

Roylances Tractor Replacements, Forbes
Unit 10, 42-46 Same Street, Forbes, NSW
Phone: 02 6852 2020

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